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DIY Citrus Disinfecting Cleaner

Put all of those citrus peels that you would regularly discard to good use!

Here Is My Simple Recipe:

1 quart size jar

The peels of several lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits. I like to mix it up sometimes and use all of the above.

Organic *vinegar of choice.

Put all of the peels into the jar and cover them fully with vinegar, leaving a space of at least an inch from the top. At this point, you can also add your favorite essential oil. I especially like geranium and lemon.

Put the lid on the jar and tighten it firmly. Store it  in a cool, dry  place where it can be still for at least two weeks.

Once finished, use a fine metal strainer to remove any solid matter.

Pour into a pretty spray bottle and enjoy using this safe and effective disinfecting cleaner.

*Note: I use organic apple cider vinegar because I avoid gluten. When spray cleaners are used, the mist is inadvertently inhaled; when it makes contact with the skin, approximately sixty percent is absorbed into the bloodstream-this is true of all things. While there is controversy as to whether the gluten molecule can actually be readily absorbed through the skin, I choose to err on the side of  safety. 

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